“Shorten and send” services for shortened belts at www.REBTY.de

Shorten and send” services

Some reptile leather belts can be easily shortened at home, such as all models from MGM, Possum or Ralph Gladen.
Shortening these belts with so-called screwed buckles, i.e. a normal belt buckle, requires processing with a screwdriver, scissors and punch pliers.
The first step is to undo the buckle or the leather flap screwed to the belt. To do this, use the screwdriver to open the screw on the tab so that the belt buckle can be removed. The next step is to cut the belt to the desired length.

You can find the right belt size using the following formula:Waist size + 15 cm = belt length
To reattach the belt buckle to the snake or crocodile leather belt, for example, make a new hole for the belt buckle using a hole punch. Make sure that the distance to the end of the belt is the same as the distance to the cut-off piece of belt (it is best to place the cut-off piece on the end of the belt as a template). In the last step, the belt buckle is put back onto the end of the belt and fastened with the screwdriver and the screw.
Rebty will be happy to shorten your belt to your individual length, but this item cannot be exchanged in this case

For the following items, such as the Fausto Colato crocodile leather belt special width 4.5 cm, this belt must be sent directly to Fausto Colato in Milan for shortening as it is very time-consuming to shorten such an exclusive and high-quality belt. Rebty is also happy to offer this as a service for you. Delivery will be delayed by approx. 2 weeks for this process.
However, the same applies as above: The shortened belt cannot be exchanged

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