Special features of our Cordovan leather shoes (horse leather)

Dear REBTY friends,

In this article, we would like to explain the unique features of our exclusive Berwick Cordovan leather shoes.

Cordovan leather is a special type of horse leather.

This leather is very durable and is used for unique leather shoes.

Due to its high fat content, the leather is highly water-repellent.

The name is derived from the Spanish city of Córdoba, where this special processing of horse hides was first practiced.

It is obtained exclusively from the hindquarters of horse hides, the so-called shells or butts.

The yield is relatively small, only two oval pieces about the size of an A3 sheet of paper can be obtained per horse, which explains the high price in addition to the complex vegetable tanning process.

These skin areas, also known as mirrors, are detached from the surrounding leather after tanning.

They are stronger than the front area and therefore ideal as an exclusive shoe material.

While the grain side of calfskin is used as the outer side, the grain side (inside) of cordovan is used as the cover side. This initially rough side is worked until it forms a smooth and non-porous surface with a special sheen. During production, the leather is treated with oil formulas and stored on glass panes to dry.

Much of the work is traditionally done by hand.

The tanning process for this coveted leather takes around six months.

The result is a special look in the material and a typical leather smell that is immediately recognized by connoisseurs.

Of course, all our shoes are Goodyear-Welted and, depending on the model, fitted with a Rendenbach or Dainite sole.

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