CITES certificate

REBTY provides information about CITES and its ethical principles.

CITES is about the certification of exports with animals (still alive or already processed on site). There are 3 levels. This means that it is not a belt or shoe that is certified, but a live animal or a delivery of, for example, a whole series of snake skins that have already been processed. CITES guarantees that these animal products have been bred, lived or killed in accordance with current ethical rules and laws.

All products are CITES certified

At REBTY we work very closely with our suppliers to ensure that all our products are CITES certified. In addition, we always endeavor to source a large number of our exotic leathers such as stingray, snake and crocodile from the food industry. The processed leather is therefore only a by-product, as the animal was caught for its meat.
At, we have our supplier guarantee that all snake and crocodile leather products come from breeding farms, as these animals are perfectly suited for this purpose. This means that the very high population of these animals in the wild is not decimated. These and other ethical principles that REBTY wants and lives by are the reasons why we do not sell cheap reptile leather products or products from non-reputable manufacturers.

How can it be that leather from Pirarucu, Caiman, Lizzard and similar animals that are not bred can be found certified on
There are various options here. The two most relevant are, firstly, that it is a by-product. The fish is caught and sold as food (the main business is meat.) The skins are a by-product and instead of being disposed of, they are sold to the textile industry. On the other hand, the animal may be so common in nature that it is not listed under CITES and therefore does not need to be protected.

Are there any other certificates apart from CITES?

There are no longer any, because CITES was founded to provide a standardized solution for monitoring trade in animal and plant products and has thus combined all the necessary certificates.
What does CITES certificate mean in writing?
CITES certificate ( Conventionon International Tradein Endangered Speciesof Wild Fauna and Flora – Certificate : Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, in short: CITES certificate).

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